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Started : 16/11/2017

Altar Boys

Following the footsteps of St. John Burkmans, the organization of the Altar Servers has been serving the parish and helping it during the Eucharistic celebrations. During the daily masses, Sundays and Feasts, the altar boys serve the Eucharistic Celebrations and help people pray devoutly. This organization was started way long back and at present has 20 members with Rev. Fr Francis Rodrigues being the director and Sr. Joyce Monteiro UFS being the prefect. Altar boys meet every 1st Sunday of the month after the mass.


The term altar server, has almost completely replaced altar boy, because, with the permission of the diocesan bishop, girls may now be allowed to serve in this capacity; besides, an increasing number of adults serve at the altar, especially at solemn services in cathedrals or basilicas. Another term that was used more in the past than now is acolyte, a Greek word which means “attendant”.

A server can be any person who has received first confession and Holy Communion. Each bishop and each parish may have additional requirements but basically there are no other universal restrictions about age or sex.


Loving Father, Creator of the universe, You call Your people to worship, to be with You and each other at Mass. Help me, for You have called me also. Keep me prayerful and alert. Help me to help others in prayer. Thank you for the trust You’ve placed in me. Keep me true to that trust. I make my prayer in Jesus’ name, who is with us in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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