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Started : 16/11/2017


The Catholic Sabha of Vorkady parish unit which works under the motto- Service, Sacrifice and Unity was established on 1980’s. Today the number of members in this unit has gone up to 49. Its main aim is to create awareness in the society regarding human rights, leadership and other spheres of social development including political awareness, economical growth, educational growth and involvement in the civil service, improvement of the cultural life etc., mainly of the catholic community.


Some of the programs conducted by this unit are:

  • Seminar on political awareness
  • Prathibha Puraskaar to highest scored students
  • Teachers day celebration
  • Health Day
  • Medical Camp
  • Visit and help to old age orphanages
  • Information and help on Pension Yojana & other facilities provided from government
  • Financial help for building house
  • Financial help for hospital expenses for critically ill patients and their family

Catholic Sabha Vorkady also perform Vojem program in traditional Roce function of Mangalorean Catholic wedding. The amount receiving through this program is donated to people who seek financial help on their hospital expenses.


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