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The Vorkady Parish dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the last parish in the Alphabetical list of 117 parishes of the Diocese of Mangalore. But in the eyes of God the last will be the first and best. The Vorkady Parish is the second biggest amidst the 13 parishes and two sub-parishes of Kasaragod Deanery with 14 wards, 398 families and nearly 2000 Catholics.

The parish has the 132 years of history in the educational sphere with establishment of St Joseph’s Primary School in 1885 and 120 years of history on the way to the formation of independent parish as the Sunday Masses were celebrated here since 1898. The history of the faith of Vorkadians extended into number of centuries even though we do not have immediate written references regarding former times. But one thing is certain with historical evidence that the Vorkadians have travelled and mostly walked 18 KMs on Sundays and Feast days to Our Lady of Mercy Church, Ullal-Panir to celebrate the faith in Christ. It was with this long history of the faith of the Vorkadians that the priests coming from Panir had begun to celebrate Masses on Sundays in thatched sheds in Vorkady. It was with this faith history the new parish of Vorkady was carved out from Panir in 1910 together with the birth of the twin parish of Karady-Vijayadka.

With the long history of faith the Vorkadians have contributed to its steady growth in terms of leadership, structural developments, physical labour, cash and kind. And today the people of God have a special love for their home parish in-spite of the fact that they had to go to different places in search of livelihood. At this juncture, a website of the parish would be a real means of communication and uniting factor.

Together with many other benefits of the website of our Parish three ‘C’ factors are a sure benefit.

Community: The whole parish of Vorkady is one Parish community united under the patronage of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wherever we may be – in the locality, in different places of studies and work, in India or abroad – through this website we can feel the togetherness of one community.

Communication: In times of socio-religious needs and other occasions some of us would meet the priest, sisters or the lay leaders. The Sunday announcements are done once a week and only for those who are physically present on that day. But the website would be media to communicate with all the Vorkadians wherever we may be. We would be in communication with all the parishioners through history, announcements, news, activity reports, pictures, videos etc. regarding the parish.

Cooperation: Once we feel the togetherness and have communication amidst us, it is easy to cooperate and work together as one community for the growth of the parish. The whole parish can work together especially through better communication. The whole parish after prayer and reflection of two years has decided to build a new church replacing the century old church building. I request every Vorkadians to join hands to make this plan a great success.

I thank Rony D’Souza, the Vice-president, Jayaprakash D’Souza, the Secretary, Robin D’Souza, the Convener of Media Committee of the Parish Pastoral Council, all the members of the Parish Pastoral Council and all those have taken leadership and contributed to design, to upload the content and to maintain this website. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus shower his choicest graces on every Vorkadians.

With cheers,
Fr Francis Rodrigues, Parish Priest, Vorkady.

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